The Farm

Based in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, EnfieldAgro operates a 200-acre multi-product organic farm, growing cashew, mango, banana, sugarcane, rice, sesame, spices and herbs. The farmlands are nestled at the foot of the Western-Ghat hills, miles away from pollution and contamination, offering a perfect setting for certified organic farming and processing. The company has a backward-integration in the form of a cattle farm to help producing farmyard manure in-house. In terms of forward-integration, the company has in-house processing units for milk, oil, cashew, mango, banana and sugarcane jaggery. The 200-acre farmland and all its products have been certified organic ever since inception, by the renowned international agency Inst tut Für Marktökologie (IMO) Switzerland.

Organic Best Practices

The company’s association with the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) enables EnfieldAgro to stay at the leading edge, with the latest technologies and trends in organic farming. The entire farmland is drip irrigated and rainwater is harvested through check dams and several ponds created at vantage locations. In addition to application of farmyard manure produced in-house, the company systematically applies BD 500 bio-dynamic fertilizer, Vermi-compost, Neem cakes and oil cakes produced under strictly certified organic processes. The company has banned any synthetic chemical in its farm and has successfully developed bio-pesticide to prevent and counter pest attacks. The company has a strong in-house research wing that explores improvements in areas of plant nutrition and plant protection and all other vital inputs to guarantee purity and taste to its value added products.

Processing Capability

Complementing agricultural farming methods, EnfieldAgro uses environment-friendly technology to speed up processing as well. A fruit processing unit running on solar energy, an oil extraction unit (imported from Germany) using the “cold-pressed” method and a state-of-the-art cashew processing unit are some of the in-house facilities, which set EnfieldAgro apart.

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